Balkan Confederation

"Bratstvo i Jedinstvo"

Hey, Slavs

Official language English, Romanian, Serbian

Brasov (South-Eastern Carpathian Kingdom)

Belgrade (Porto Viva)

Date founded

4th July 2013



  • 3 (South-Eastern Carpathian Kingdom)
  • 9 (Porto Viva)


  • South-Eastern Carpathian
  • Porto Vivan
  • unknown (Panstwo Braterskie)
  • Valian 
  • Narentian
  • Eleftherian
  • Aromanian (for Valia)
Government Confederation
President Ognjen Covi (Porto Viva)
Prime Minister Sigmund I (South-Eastern Carpathian Kingdom)

Balkan Dinar

Unknown currency (Panstwo Braterskie)

The Balkan Confederation is a confederation which was founded on the 4th of July 2013 between Porto Viva and the Federal Kingdom of South-Eastern Carpathians. Both nations are located in the Balkans region of Europe.


Foreign AffairsEdit

Member NationsEdit

  • South-Eastern Carpathian Republic( former FKSEC)
  • Porto Viva
  • Państwo Braterskie(leaved confederation on 23 of December 2013)
  • Valia
  • Narentia( suspended)
  • Eleftheria

Foreign RelationsEdit

Informal RelationsEdit

  • Monovia Monovia
  • Akebar

Diplomatic RelationsEdit


  • Empire of Arcadia


The map is the highway "Brotherhood and Unity", which links Neue Kronstadt (Brasov) with Porto-polis (Belgrade).

Council of MinistersEdit

The Council of Ministers of the Balkan Confederation is made by 3 ministries (as of 22nd of July 2013), and the ministries are:

  • Ministry of Foreign Relations, Economy and Education: Sigmund Schmidt (King of FKSEC)
  • Ministry of Yugoslav Culture, Ministry of Internal Affairs and of Foreign Affairs: Ognjen Covi (President of Porto Viva)
  • Ministry of Health: Hasan Cakar (Prime Minister of the FKSEC)

Security Forces of the Balkan ConfederationEdit

The Security Forces of the Balkan Confederation are the BC's main defence institution. They act as both it's military and it's police force.

Common Customs & Border Police AuthorityEdit

The Common Customs & Border Police Authority (CCBPA) is the main border control force for the Balkan Confederation.

ECO projectEdit

Organisation of Balkan micronations is promoting the need for pure world environment. You can see hear some pictures and mindfull eco quotes:

Eko 14
Eko 7
Eko 3
Eko 4
We are also strong fighters against GMO and destruction of our mother nature by industrial means.