Federal Kingdom of South-Eastern Carpathians

"Fur die Kaiser,Fur Gott!"

Ode of Joy

Official language English, German, Romanian

New Vienna

Date founded and dissolved

Founded: 2nd of July 2013

Dissolved: 13th of July 2013

Population 1
Demonym New Austrian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Head of State Kaiser Sigmund I
Head of Government None
Currency Balkan Dinar

The Empire of New Austria/Kaiserreich Neu Österreich was a micronation founded on the 2nd of June 2013 .Its main aim is to promote Germanic and Yugoslav culture,to promote cultures of every people of Europe,and to protect the unity, freedom, and brotherhood. It has dissolved as a result the July 2013 Coup d'etat.


The Empire of New Austria was founded on 2nd of July 2013,by its Kaiser,Wilhelm I.

It is the successor state of the Federal Kingdom of South-Eastern Carpathians,after its dissolution in 1st of July 2013.


The Empire of New Austria has a defense force which is used only for defensive purposes. The Empire of New Austria stands neutral in conflicts.

Government & PoliticsEditEdit

The Government is led by the Kaiser,until a Prime Minister will be elected. The New Austrian Parliament is unicameral.

Foreign RelationsEditEdit

The Empire of New Austria is open to all foreign requests concerning relations.

Special relations (close relations)EditEdit


Saxon Empire

Porto Viva ( see Organization of Balkan micronations )

Diplomatic relationsEditEdit

As stated in the New Austrian constitution,the former relations of FKSEC are still valid,as New Austria is its successor state.

United Kingdom of Great Britannia (do not confuse it with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,a "macronation" located in Europe).

Empire of Unironia (including an alliance).

Informal relationsEditEdit

Slin (since 2nd of July)



Border control in New Austria is controlled by the New Austrian Police and if anyone declares something in New Austria, they must call the Customs Authority(die Zoll).


New Austrian culture was mainly a Germanic culture while it also keeps hold to other cultures of Europe as they form a cultural heritage.